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WHAT we do

We Are Your TrustedTrusted Advisors.

An award-winning agency, Blast BCW specialises in a variety of communications consulting areas, including crisis management, media relations, corporate communications, digital marketing strategy, stakeholder engagement, and leadership positioning.

In its creative nest, Blast BCW works with you to nurture your ideas. Thanks to our 360° support, we ensure that your projects grow, evolve, and take flight according to schedules and deadlines.

CommunicationCommunication Strategies

Blast BCW leverages data driven insights to build strategies that will translate into strong multi-channel opportunities for earned media results.

Media Relations

Our media relations experts leverage well established relationships with media influencers, publications and key opinion leaders to generate high-quality coverage and brand visibility for our clients.

Crisis Communications and Issues Management

Blast BCW is a trusted firm in any situation that requires insights-led, experienced communications and issues management counsel. Our approach is grounded in research, strategy, well-crafted messages, and intelligent actions. We take pride in working closely with our partners to mitigate and contain even the most challenging of crisis events.

Digital Communication Strategy

We create and implement digital social media strategies according to the choices that individuals and organisations make, using digital platforms and technologies to meet their goals. This involves research, data analytics and creative thinking to effectively communicate concepts, campaigns, and messages across different digital channels.

Media Training

Our specialised media training focuses on preparing spokespeople with the right messaging and appropriate tools to encourage them to confidently represent themselves and their businesses. We provide scenario planning, preparedness plans, training and simulation exercises so that you can be prepared to face any situation from a communication perspective.

Event Management

At Blast BCW, we conceptualise and execute any event of any scale from physical to virtual and hybrid models. We are fully equipped to manage suppliers such as speakers, entertainers, and sponsors and we also collaborate on other event logistics.

ContentContent Creation

At Blast BCW, content creation is at the heart of our communication prowess. We blend creativity, innovation, and strategy to produce captivating content that amplifies your brand’s impact. From graphic design to engaging text and visually striking videos or animations, our teams collaborate to deliver compelling content that leaves a lasting impression across different platforms.

Content Development

Persuasive marketing and promotional materials encourage and enhance the salability of products, businesses, and ideas. At Blast BCW, our copywriters diligently work on your copy to persuade your target audience to take the desired actions.

Creative Advertising

Our dynamic team at Blast BCW thrives on challenging conventions in creative advertising. In collaboration with our PR expertise, we craft campaigns that captivate audiences, driven by a deep understanding of our clients' needs. With engaging copy, arresting visuals, and compelling videos, our creative approach inspires action and leaves a lasting impression.

Branding and Design

Our relentless focus on branding and design extends beyond traditional aspects. From digital visuals to layouts, editorials, books, and more, we craft authentic visual stories that resonate with your audience and set you apart from competitors. Every element is thoughtfully curated to leave an unforgettable impression by elevating your brand's presence and forging deep connections.

Social Media Management

Our social media management team monitors important components of key platforms through automation to trim time and reach audiences. We also conduct a digital communication audit through smart pathways and vehicles to offer strategies organisations can use to convey their message whilst also boosting their digital visibility.

Point of View (Audio and Visual)

Video montage conveys the essential elements of the ideas businesses want to convey to their audiences. From production to editing via post-production, photography and animation, we craft compelling visual stories that drive key messages home via the art of storytelling. Furthermore, we manage the production of a combination of sounds and words that are brought together to create interesting audio that is consumed as a convenient option for on-the-go users.

Media IntelligenceIntelligence

We provide cutting-edge, technology-enabled and human-enhanced media insights. Our team collects media data daily from a diverse range of traditional and new media sources. The data is then meticulously processed by a team of skilled media analysts and securely stored in our internal data management system for further in-depth analysis.

Media watch (24/7)

We keep a vigilant eye and an attentive ear on media conversations unfolding across Mauritius and the Indian Ocean islands. As soon as a potential crisis is identified, an instant alert is sent out, informing both the client and the internal crisis teams.

Media Briefings

Stay in the know with our daily media review services, providing you with concise yet comprehensive updates about your industry and competitors. Our media briefings are carefully packaged and timed to perfectly suit your business schedule.

Media Insights

Through a combination of various media monitoring and listening tools coupled with human expertise, we offer custom end-to-end management for media research projects, helping brands understand their position in the media landscape before making data-driven decisions.